Project Overview

Standing out on social media is a difficult task, likewise, producing assets in-house takes time that most small marketing teams simply don’t have. We were contacted by Ultralase’s Digital Marketing Manager and challenged to introduce laser eye surgery as a safe and affordable service.

Given the medical and formal nature of the services being offered, we elected to work closely with their internal team in order to produce a video that fulfilled the brief whilst adhering to the brand’s tone of voice.

  • Length: 70seconds
  • Format: 1080p
  • Style: Fully animated
  • Extras: 4 mini videos & all stills
  • Notes: BrightBear vocals

Please Note: Using any of the images or assets held within this video without the express written permission of Ultralase will place you in breach of copyright law…just don’t do it.


Working with BrightBear was so easy – they're on top of their game when it comes to the work and make sure all the details are attuned to the brand. They deliver work on time, if not earlier than needed! Stu's very professional and I’m already planning our next campaign with involvement from him again – I couldn’t recommend BrightBear more :D

Tami BriesiesOnline Marketing Manager

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