Project Overview

Our relationship with Mend Massage Therapy has been so much more than a single project, we helped to build their brand, website and all their marketing materials. Working closely with the owner (Paul Johnson) has provided us with an unparalleled level of control and direction within the company.

The agility with which Paul and BrightBear have worked with has meant that the company grows every year without fail. However, despite all our work, the critical ingredient to this success has undoubtedly been Mend’s approach to customer service.

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Mend has been re-branded a few times following a change in direction. Initially the therapy centre was due to serve a secondary role as a weightlifting community, however this was later altered to hone in on massage alone and so Mend Therapy was born.

Working with Paul we developed a super clean brand image that was also supplemented with bold illustrations. we not only built the image of the brand but also worked out the brand’s core pillars, tone of voice and growth plan.


One of the benefits in being part of building a brand is that the assets, styling and palette can be made with consideration to the limitations a website can bring. As such we were able to craft a bespoke site super fast – it was later fitted with eCommerce capabilities for the sale of vouchers.


Pssssst: Mend’s website is the most visible in terms of “massage therapy” search terms around Peterborough.


This video was one of the first pieces of commercial animation created here at BrightBear.


This project was far from a “fire and forget” campaign. We continuously helped Mend in producing signage, vehicle graphics, business cards, vouchers and assets to post on social. Lately we’ve been working with Paul to produce the ultimate guide to stretching – follow Mend on social media so you don’t miss it!

Please Note: Using any of the images or assets held within this video without the express written permission of Mend Massage Therapy will place you in breach of copyright law…just don’t do it.


I've been working closely with BrightBear since launch. Stu has been heavily involved with producing graphics, branding, animations and digital marketing. I don't want to gush but Stuart has produced some of the most brilliant stuff I could ever have hoped for. Always communicates and makes everything super clear. BrightBear have genuinely been integral in the growth of our business since using their services.

Paul JohnsonOwner

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