Welcome to BrightBear, an Animation Studio with bite!

We’re still working on our site and an introduction video. Please feel free to look around the site and our work.


We’re a developing production studio, focused around animated and digital content that aligns with both your brand and your products. BrightBear was created in response to an increase in heavily templated and poor aligned videos – often costing far more than is reasaonable.

We feel small-medium sized businesses (and startups) should have access to rich media and entry-level video advertising without having to compromise on quality just to fit a budget.


You'll be an integral part of how we produce scripts and storyboards for your project, we don't work in isolation.


We produce videos at 1080p, all run at 60 frames per second - providing a quality output to match your brand.

Cloud Storage

Files have a habit of hiding, that's why we store all your media in the cloud - providing you with a secure backup.

Your Own Tone

We provide the option (and coaching) to record with you or your boss's vocals, so your voice over has a personal touch.

When it comes to pricing up your project there are a number of factors we need to consider, including; duration, complexity, voiceover, music licensing and how much involvement you’d like in the approach or storyboarding. Each project we work on is bespoke! However, the below prices are indicitive of the most common requests we receive.

All projects include:

Collaborative Script
Shared Storyboarding
1080p as Standard
Produced at 60fps
All Vector Assets
Can use Existing Illustrations
Audio & Licenses Included
Own Vocals (optional)
Open Captions (optional)


From £1250

Great for Intros!

By far our most popular video option is the intro (or explainer) video. These are typically 60-90 seconds long and provide you with the creative space to introduce your brand, its values and any special features or USPs.


Short Series

From £2800

Includes 3 Videos

Standalone videos can be great for exploring the more common products and services, but sometimes a mini series can be more effective in exploring different aspects of your service offering or brand.


Totally Custom

From £650

Sky’s the limit…

You may just need a simple animated call-to-action for facebook/instagram or perhaps it’s something a little more in-depth and complicated. Hit the button below and we’ll do our best to help.


We love our clients! In researching each business and the surrounding marketplace we learn a lot about topics we’ve never explored before. Every project is more than than just impact and invoices, it’s an education too. Each of the below logos will take you to a dedicated case study:

I’d love to hear to how we can work together, pop your details into the form below or email info@brightbear.co.uk directly with an outline of your project.